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How to read a Linux man page

Linux University staff meetings, when they happen, (In reality these tend to be prolonged coffee breaks at the local cafe) are often times of vigorous discussions on various topics. So the other day, we asked Simon, one of our staff authors a loaded question: “What is one of the first things a new Linux user …

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Anatomy of a Linux System: An Overview

Anatomy of a Linux System Here at Linux University, we have been debating the best way to show as many people as possible, in as simple way as is possible, the way a Linux based system works “under the hood”. What we talk about here will be true for all platforms supported by Linux, from …

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What is Linux?

“What is Linux?” Linux University is about “Linux and Open Source Software Advocacy and Education”. However, it is very hard to do advocacy and education successfully, unless one has a very clear idea what is it that one is an advocate for and what is it that one educates others about. In this article we …

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